The files in this first section is not by made me. They are Shareware by their respective owner. You may need them to extact my files.

270 kb
ARJ archiving utility. DOS version 2.50a. By ARJ Software.
Used to extract the *.ARJ archives. May extract multiple volume ARJ-archives and create new archives. A lot of nice options. (Self-extractor)
20 kb
ARJ Unpacker. DOS version 2.50a. By ARJ Software.
Used to extract *.ARJ archives. Small version that only can unpack single-volume ARJ-archives. (Executable)
198 kb
ZIP archiving utility. DOS version 2.04g. By PKWare
PKUNZIP is used to extract the *.ZIP archives. Also includes PKZIP to create archives, PKZIPFIX and more. (Self-extractor)
29 kb
ZIP Unpacker. DOS version 2.04g. By PKWare
Only the file PKUNZIP.EXE that is used to extract the *.ZIP archives. (Executable)

All the files in the followinf section are Freeware made by me *. You may download, copy and distribute them as you wish, including the source-code where available.
What you may NOT do is to sell anything or in other way make a profit from my programs or code without contacting me first for an agreement. (Not likely this will happen, but I say it just in case..)
*) The support DLL:s supplied in some places among my files are not by me, but may be distributed freely.

46 kb
DOS Cyrillic Displaydriver. version 2.02 (97-09-07).
DOS VGA Displaydriver for up to 9 diffrent (cyrillic) codepages. (readme)
10 kb
DOS Cyrillic Keyboard-driver version 2.02 (97-09-04).
DOS Keyboard-driver that supports up to 9 diffrent keyboard layouts. (readme)
8 kb
Windows 95 Bulgarian Keyboard-file Release 2. (97-02-11).
Cyrillic Phonetic and improved Bulgarian .KBD keyboard-files for Windows 95. (Includes my partial .KBD-file specification) (readme)
116 kb
Word-Practice program version 3.20 (obsolete)/1.00/97-09-24.
About 1600 Swedish / Bulgarian / English words with practice-program and codepage-conversion-utility. (The practice-program requires jekCP852-support to display cyrillic, that means JEKFONT and KBJEK) (readme)
85 kb
More words for GLOSOR 3.XX, 97-09-24.
Some source-text-files with Bulgarian/English/Swedish words for GLOSOR 3.XX.
!! Speciell version av GLOSOR4 och SPANSKA anpassad för deltagarna på Spanska-kursen i Falkenberg finns på denna sidan.
62 kb
Word-Practice program version 4.03/99-10-04.
New verison of the program above. Used to practice words in any language. (No word-files included.)
(It supports CP866 and KOI8, plus my own jek850 and jek852, or latin-phonetic for bulgarian/cyrillic) (readme)
93 kb
Bulgarian words for GLOSOR 4.XX, 99-09-29.
Some word-files with over 2000 Bulgarian/English/Swedish words for GLOSOR 4.XX.
91 kb
Spanish words for GLOSOR 4.XX, 99-11-07.
Some word-files with about 1000 Spanish/Swedish words for GLOSOR 4.XX.
Also includes a utility that displays all the forms of any regular verb.
33 kb
CodePage Converter. version 1.10 (97-08-25).
DOS-utility that converts text-files between all common cyrillic codepages, or custom codapages.
6 kb
Windows CopePage converter. version 1.00 (97-10-20).
Win95-utility that converts cyrillic text to Latin using the Windows Clipboard.
(readme) You might need VB40032.DLL to run it (388kb).
43 kb
Stream editor. version 1.05 (94-09-05).
A small automated text-file-editor to convert or change textfiles from a commandline or batch-file. (readme)
3 kb
Environment Calculator. version 1.00 (91-06-11).
A utility used to calculate + or - on an environment-variable from a batchfile
2 kb
Fake DOS Date. version 1.00 (98-04-03).
A TSR-utility used to trick the computer to believe it is another date (can be used in a DOS-box in Windows).
2 kb
FDisk recovery. version 1.00 (94-02-09).
A utility that recreates the partitiontable if it has been accidentely removed with FDISK or overwritten by something. (If the later - use FDISK /MBR too). (Note that it works only if no new partition is created an the whole disk was used for one partition of 32Mb-2G)(readme)
4 kb
MultiMac converter. version 0.01 (98-01-19).
A small Windows-utility used to convert between HEX and MultiMac codes.

The following files are downloaded from Microsoft and may be distributed free.
Win9x/NT 321kb
Win 3.1x 166kb
Mac OS 150kb
Verdana TTF-font.
I use this font on many places at my site, and so do others. Similar to Arial but a little nicer. (Also supplied with a lot of other products so you may already have it, in that case theese 'j' is diffrent:)

The following files are freeware found elseware on the Internet. 198kb
Notepad Plus.
This is an enhanced Notepad to use either as a replacement of the normal notepad.exe in Windows, or to use as a separate program.
It can edit very large files, and has a lot of functions not found in the notepad that comes with Windows.

This page was last updated 29 September 1999.